We position our clients at the forefront of their field by advancing an agenda.

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Advisory and Consulting for Long Term Growth Strategies

The market is evolving at a faster pace than ever before and hence today’s business enterprises need to be more competitive and innovative. The competitive advantage comes with new-age ideas and long-term strategies which make a company successful.

At Nilojit GuhAdvisory, we are several steps ahead with our analytical thinking, out-of-box ideas and innovative strategies to take your company to the future.

Irrespective of wherever you are in your business cycle, we will formulate the right strategies to help you grow in a sustainable manner and ensure strong performance and lasting value to make your company ready for tomorrow and help you realize your ambitions.

We help YOU …. to shape your Future!!

Business Turnaround

The market is dynamic and changing fast as new opportunities emerge. We at Nilojit GuhAdvisory can help your company adapt to this change and take advantage of this ever-changing situation.

Many businesses suffer due to improper planning despite having the best consumer offerings. With our deep understanding of the complexities of business environment, we could help you to turn around your business performance when it passes through a tough time. We can help you create a progressive strategy that would transform your organization under challenging circumstances. Our experts will focus on your strength and address weaknesses to bring in the changes which will take your business to the growth path.

Core Sales and Marketing Strategies

We build Core Sales and Marketing Strategies and effectively integrate them for our clients to get the best result. We focus on understanding the customers, what channels they use, their buying habits and accordingly we build action plan to serve them in the most effective way.

These days customers move from one channel to the other to get what they want.  We help companies to form effective selling strategies, in all channels, based on precise assessment of channel complexities, channel nuances and consumer preferences. We closely work to ensure that our clients maximize the return on their sales investment. We also help companies develop a high-performing, result-oriented sales force by building the necessary skill set in the team.

Some other key aspects we focus upon while strategizing include geography, Industry trend, segment analysis and competitive environment. In the digital age, there are various platforms to sell your products. We take all the existing platforms into account while arriving at innovative ideas to market the products.

Consumer Marketing and Brand building

With our deep consumer insights, we help clients identify gaps and build consumer focused strategies to add value to the organization. The best marketing organizations always put the consumers first and their entire focus revolves around the consumers. We help our clients to engage with end-users at every touchpoint to create a consistent brand appeal.

A successful brand has a clear purpose and provides value throughout the consumer journey.  We help companies build a brand with its own unique purpose and bring the brand to life with innovative ideas and creative marketing strategies. We also develop strategies to differentiate brands through superior positioning. As companies launch several brands to address market needs, we help our clients define the role of each brand within a portfolio and consolidate brands to reduce marketing and other costs.

Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness

We help our clients design effective organizations including defining desired organization structure, organizational capabilities, HR systems and practices that promote performance and aligned to the business strategy for greater effectiveness. We help our clients create a compelling workplace culture that energizes people, drives productivity, engages employees and promotes inclusion. We also develop, along with the management, short term and long-term HR road map for effective execution of business strategies.

We closely work with the Top Management and facilitate the development of business strategies, vision, mission and values of the organization and help them make these a way of life in the organization.  We engage with the teams for enhanced performance and help HR to build a talent- first organization. We also coach individual leaders for superior performance so that they can take the organization to a brighter tomorrow.

Pricing and Revenue Management

Pricing is crucial for maximizing revenues. We closely work with our clients to develop effective pricing strategies across segments and markets to improve financial performance. A small price change can trigger significant change in operating profit, if done prudently.

As part of our turnover strategy, we guide organizations in Revenue Management by advising them on the right market, the right segment, sourcing and of course the right pricing. Working in that direction can improve the ROI of businesses significantly and sustain that growth over the long term.

RTM and Distribution Efficiency

We advise our clients in setting up the most effective RTM & Distribution models. From our experience, we noticed that as far as the unique RTM model is concerned, innovative thinking can give a big boost for some specialized products. We dig deep into our knowledge base and come up with fresh RTM ideas to give superior results. 

We also help our clients address specific challenges in their distribution network, sales-force effectiveness, key account management and other relevant areas. Minimizing sales costs without impacting revenue is a big challenge. We help companies to continuously review the performance of their route-to-market model while identifying potential improvement areas which help them to take countermeasures and immediate action.  

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain plays a critical role in delivering improved consumer experiences. We help companies adopt progressive supply chain strategies that put the consumers at the center of focus. We also help our clients to implement new and improved supply chain-related processes which help them improve Inventory Management, optimize Plant network, Warehousing, and Transportation operations. 

A company has to continuously reinvent itself and find new strategies to make its customers happy and keep the customer base intact. We assist your supply chain team in the challenges they face. We help them to find effective ways to reduce costs, improve the speed of operation and deliver the right quantity at the right time.